About me

    Hello there

    Are you the kind of person who likes to stay up to date on topics varying from online security, cryptography, software settings, 3D printing or perhaps even the most remotely related topic to Technology? Well, then you have landed on the right blog.

    Welcome to my personal blog where I like to post stuff that piques my interest. You can add your email address to the mailing link below to get updates on your email whenever I post a new blog post.

    For everyone of us, there is some thing or the other that matters to them a lot. In my case, its this essence of sharing knowledge, which bolsters me to pursue amazing Hobby Projects. Though I may not be an ingenious creature, but I can still manage to complete the projects that I take up.

    That's a lot of useless stuff on this "about-me" page. Let me formally introduce myself. I am Simar, currently living in some undisclosed location (and you expected me to write the city after dropping buzz words like data-security ? c'mmon), learning new stuff every day and sometimes sharing that knowledge with everyone through this blog. I believe in open-source community and I can't withstand any politics at all.

    Machines......are a distraction...indeed
    -Pepper Potts

    But they have the potential to solve a lot of problems humanity face today. Its because of this reason, Github stores software codes in its Arctic Vault in SVALBARD, in a hope that if major chunk of humanity is wiped out for any reason, the remaining can bring back everything we have today using those freely available open source programs (which also have instructions on how to use them as they are in tapes intended to last 50k+ years)

    But yeaah, thats pretty much what I believe in, and it is what makes me, who I am today.

    Please use this link here to reach out to me in case you need to. I'll try to respond as soon as I can. Until then, Keep coding.