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    Services a freelancer Web Developer can use to save time and efforts

    Working as freelancer developer has its own perks - freedom of time, work and environment. On the downside, you are also responsible for designing the entire app/website yourself. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Read on to find out.

    Posted by Simar Mann Singh on 09 Oct, 2020


    When it comes to designing a complete website as a freelancer, we have a lot of options these days to choose from. There are some services which offer a free tier option while many other services have a pay as you go plans, suitable for a business of every size. From basic plans for start-ups, to more premium plans for big companies, these services cater every level.

    For better understanding and quick grasp, I’ve tried to segregate the services into groups that align with the most popular features of the service.

    So, we can divide the services into following groups

    1. Subscriber Mailing services
    2. Video/Chat services
    3. Website Hosting services
    4. Payment services
    5. Selling Online Course services

    Let have a look at each one in details

    Subscriber Mailing services

    One of the most commonly requested feature when it comes to website building is the ability to send emails to the users. Every business wants to convert as many website visitors into a regular customers as they can. For that, the easiest and most widely used marketing strategy is to allow a visitor become a subscriber to the business’s marketing emails such that the visitor can get all the latest information about the running as well as upcoming deals and special offers from the business.

    Now to get more subscribers, every business wants to have a landing page on their website where they can collect the email addresses from the visitors, which they can later use for sending marketing emails. From developer’s point of view, it should not be a herculean task any experienced developer but to save time and efforts, one should not try to re-invent the wheel when they’ve so many popular services to choose from and which doesn’t take much time and energy to setup.

    A brief list of services is as follows

    Video/Chat Services

    The second most requested feature from the clients is the ability to engage with their website visitors. To accomplish that, we have quite a lot of services as follows

    Website Hosting services

    Creating a website is not good enough if it is not hosted on a platform which offers other benefits as well. For a small start-up or a hobbyist, cost might be a one criteria to select the platform while for a big established company, premium features like scalability, robustness, security and blazing fast speed might be the criteria to go for the platform.

    Here is a list of some platforms which offer different packages (both free and paid) as per the client’s requirements. Some of them are purely hosting services while other offer a complete computing Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    Payment Services

    Next in line in the list of most requested features from Clients is the ability to add some kind of payment option for the product they are selling so that the clients can receive the payments securely over the internet. Since real money is involved, almost all the developers prefers to use services offered by big companies to ensure safe and secure payment options.

    Some of the big players in this sector are as follows

    Sell Online Course Services

    Sometimes the client might request the ability to offer different courses to their website visitors. For example, the client has a business of offering educational classes and they wish to offer courses to their website visitors to grow their own business. For this also, developers now a days have a variety of services to choose from.

    Some of the most popular and efficient services for this purpose are as follows

    The list above is not exhaustive but it certainly gives a glimpse of services that exist to help developers complete their next project with less time and efforts.

    If you happen to know some more similar services, do post it in the comments below, and share your knowledge with the world. Also, how did you like this post, you can share your thoughts as well. I would love to read your comments.